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Yerba Mate flight / Blend tasting (Valentine's picked)

Yerba Mate flight / Blend tasting (Valentine's picked)

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Pack of the four of our blends in its small version. You do not have to choose your favorite blend anymore, Taste them all in one.

Our blends:
Cítrico: Blend of Yerba mate with dried ginger, orange peel and lemongrass. Our own creation for a boost of energy, powerful first impression and anti-inflammatory tool.

5 Hierbas: Blend of Yerba mate with peppermint, Chamomile flowers, lemon verbena, sage and calendula. Our mildest blend, a great start for Yerba mate beginners for a smooth and herbal sensation with all the benefits that the mother earth gave us thru the herbal world.

Wild flowers: Blend of Yerba Mate with lavender, Rose petals, Hibiscus flowers and dried Bee pollen. This floral springlike blend and its fragrance is going to bloom your soul.

Eucalyptus forest: Blend of Yerba Mate with Eucalyptus leaves and dried lemon peel. Our grandma's secret to enhance our respiratory system. Add hot water and close your eyes to enjoy all of the sensations in this magical vapour.

Preparation tips:
*Preparing it as traditional way in a mate gourd, Yerba mate can be infused multiple times. Each infusion reveals more layers of the flavor of the herb.
*Prepare it as "Mate cocido" infused Yerba mate in a tea infuser, only 1 tea spoon is good enough for a bodied cup.
*Brew it cold as "Iced mate" or "Terere", try to add sugar, honey or any citric fruit juice.
*Mate latte, anyone? Just use your favorite milk instead of hot water.
*Avoid using boiling water, 80ºC is perfect!
*Help us to contribute the environment, please recycle / reuse the packaging.

Yerba Mate, the unique and magic Andean herb that makes you mighty thanks its natural source of energy. This bodied tea is a wholesome beverage rich in minerals, antioxidants (5 more times than the green tea) and natural caffeinated (similar to coffee). Not for nothing is considered as the Tea of the Gods and is not causality to be known as the green gold of South America.

Each of our recipes are hand crafted with love in Canada, Canmore.
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Yerba Mate comes from the naturally caffeinated leaves of a native species of holly tree, Ilex paraguariensis, It only grows in three countries around the world, in "Valle del sur", Valley that Paraguay, Argentina and south of Brazil share. The leaves are imported from Argentina but is intervened with our hand-crafted blends in Canmore, Canada.


The Yerba Mate plant (Ilex paraguariensis) is a different specie from the tea plant (Camilia Sinensis).

Tea plan is mostly found in Asia, meanwhile Yerba Mate is only found in South America. Both plants contain caffeine, but Yerba Mate contains an alkaloid called Theobromine, which tea does not (also found in cacao).

Yerba mate have a higher antioxidant concentration (5 times more) and caffeine than green tea.


It is completely safe to consume Yerba Mate on a daily basis, just like Tea and Coffee as long as we are aware about the caffeine content. Even though, moderation is always adviced.