Meet the first Yerba Mate-based energy drink crafted in the Bow Valley...

All the strength and clean energy from "Antü" in a bright and slightly fizzy drink, perfect for a daily boost.

Yerba Mate bundles

Find "always a deal" in our Yerba mate bundles. Taste a full experience like a real "Matero".

South American roots!

 Exclusively deep into the Southern rainforest, grows the native "Ilex Paraguariensis" tree, whose leaves and twigs are used to make an exotic tea known as Yerba Mate.

Yerba Mate can be dated back to the Guaraní indigenous tribes, who used the tree leaves as a beverage to obtain energy and strength, a currency trade, and a worship object for their rituals. They believed Yerba Mate was "The tea of gods" given to sustain life, increase vitality and heal the sick.

While summer lasts...

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Mate more than a drink is a tradition, learn how to prepare it in its traditional way!