"All the essence from the Andes made in the heart of the Rocky Mountains"

Yerba Mate, a naturally caffeinated tea from southern native trees made a drink.

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4 Reasons to start drinking Yerba Mate

  • Rich in Antiox

    Excellent source of antioxidants since it contains substances like saponins, xanthines, and derivatives of caffeoyl. It is proven that Yerba Mate contains 5 more times antioxidants than green tea.

  • Stay Focused

    Caffeine is a natural stimulant. It activates the central nervous system and increases the brain's production of dopamine, which allows feelings of satisfaction and motivation and the ability to retain concentration and mental clarity.

  • Work-out partner

    It helps to improve physical performance. It may help to perform with maximal sustained endurance and also enhance muscular strength. It may also help burn calories faster.

  • No crash

    Thanks to its Theobromine content, the energy effects of Yerba Mate are lineal, steady, long-lasting and not brusque, going up and down since this stimulant does not cross the blood-brain barrier resulting in a non-addictive soft start.

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Is Yerba Mate similar to Matcha tea?

Matcha is a powder made from crushed green tea leaves and its origin is from Japan. Meanwhile, Mate is made from dried leaves of Ilex paraguariensis tree in South America.

Is Yerba Mate similar to Kombucha?

Although they are both healthy beverages, Yerba Mate is not a fermented drink. Kombucha is also not energizing at all and it tends to taste a vinegar flavour meantime Yerba Mate tastes more like tea.

Is Yerba Mate better than coffee?

Coffee and Yerba Mate will both give you a caffeine boost for sure. The key difference is that Yerba Mate contains Theobromine, a natural alkaloid that makes the caffeine more "balanced," avoiding the classic coffee jitters. It also makes the energy effects last longer in your body without any secondary effects.

Unfortunately, coffee does not have this component, making Yerba Mate better when talking about energy effects. Learn more...

Why is Yerba Mate so bitter?

It is normal that the first impression is always one of intense bitterness due to the tannins and "saponins" content. These bitter compounds have the certain power of being anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering. So this bitterness is actually beneficial for your body.

Now, as hotter is your water as most bitter is the brewing so avoid using boiling water. 75-celsius degree is a perfect temperature to not burn the tea, its properties, and yourself.

What is "cold brew" Yerba Mate?

Yerba Mate, as many other drinks has the art of being brewed. The fact that our drinks are cold brew is the process of steeping Yerba Mate leaf tea in cold water for a long time, resulting in milder bitterness and a high caffeine extraction.

How much caffeine does Yerba Mate have compared with coffee?

A single espresso shot contains 80MG vs the 100MG of caffeine in our cold-brew yerba mate energy drink. A regular cup of coffee contains approximately 70MG - 150MG of caffeine meanwhile a cup of 10G of Yerba Mate loose leaf can have approximately 65MG in a quick infusion but if prepared in the traditional way (Watch preparation steps) it may contain up to 200MG of caffeine per drink.

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