Why is my Yerba Mate so dusty?

Dust in my Yerba Mate? 

Well, this dust is simply leaves grounded and pulverized into a very fine powder. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s a natural byproduct of the processing of yerba. The leaves, the stems, the dust – it all comes from the same plant. It just takes a different form and appearance.
Yerba Mate is a different plant than Tea and coffee, however may be treated as a tea is not so is normal that it looks different. Here some aspects about why powder is ok, is good and is part of this plant.
Mate dust contributes to the flavor of the mate.
This dust is the component that gives the body of the mate.
Lastly, dust makes preparing the mate easier and more aesthetically pleasing as it plays a rol as "sticker" so it helps to the consistency of this drink when prepared.
So in summary, there is no harm but only good things in finding dust in your Yerba Mate.